Jill & Andrew’s Anniversary in Alameda


Life doesn’t always go according to plan, but if you find the right person somehow you can always make it work. Life certainly didn’t go according to plan last year. Jill and Andrew had plans to have a wedding last year but the pandemic threw some unexpected curveballs. Instead of a big wedding, they got married in 2020 but decided to celebrate with friends and family on their one-year wedding anniversary this year.

The whole world was practically glowing for these two during their anniversary portraits. The bay was gorgeous and clear without any fog or a cloud in sight. They chose Alameda for their portraits because that was where they were originally supposed to have their wedding. This was such a fun shoot because it was a bit of a blend of wedding portraits and a fun lifestyle shoot at Almanac Brewery. We’re so happy for the two of them. And even though this was not what they had originally planned, it was still a beautiful day and we loved capturing their special wedding anniversary.