What’s Inside Our Wedding Emergency Kit

You'll definitely want this at your wedding!
You’ll definitely want this at your wedding!

As both a photographer and now a bride, I’ve seen how much a wedding day emergency kit comes in handy. At such a big event, something is bound to slip through the cracks or go awry, so that’s why I am a big believer in the boy scouts motto of being prepared.

Weddings are a lot like live theatre and no matter what happens, the show must go on. Years of working as a theatre director have ingrained in me to prepare for the worst and expect the best. That’s why when I was faced with my own wedding, I began compiling a list of emergency kit essentials. Trust me when I say this is one place you won’t want to scrimp on. Plus, you can make a essentials kit on a budget by shopping at places like the Dollar Store and Target. They will have all the same items but for half as much. I bought most of my items at the Dollar Store and then bought a pretty floral box at a craft store to keep it all in.

Don't forget to pack your kit ahead of time!
Don’t forget to pack your kit ahead of time!


-Make sure to get a Tide-to-go pen. They are a lifesaver. There’s nothing worse than getting a stain on a white dress.

-If it’s a hot day, Brides, put some baby powder on your legs so they don’t stick together and sweat on your wedding gown

-Super Glue. At every wedding I’ve been to, there was always a need for super glue.

-Dental Floss: If your wedding dress rips, dental floss is much stronger than thread and can withstand the weight of your bridal gown

-Anti-Alcohol Pills: Seriously incredible little pills that prevent you from getting a hangover.

-Tell you bridesmaids and groomsmen where the box is on the day of and make sure they know what is inside of it.



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